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Balance is the work of a good life.


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The Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative is leading the way with relevant programming that provides the tools and insights for individuals, employees, groups, and organizations to live, work, and think in balance. It takes more today. RAB programs deliver impactful information and resources that stay with you over a lifetime.  

Founder & CEO, Sheila Robinson-Kiss, Msw, Lcsw 

A world of rebalancing programs that make a "world" of Difference.

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Exceptional and Hassle-Free Programs for Meeting Planners and HR Professionals to Book.


"I love being described as a dream for Meeting Planners and HR Professionals to work with and a cinch to seal the success of your event . I tap into the soul and psyche of my audience and they walk out excited to implement what they have learned—strategies to meet real world challenges, take control of stress, and rethink the performance possibilities for their lives. I leverage nearly 20 years of expertise as a seasoned speaker and health and wellness professional to deliver fun, uplifting, interactive, programs, filled with the well-researched, practical strategies, needed to sustain balance and high performance in today’s fast-paced world. "






"I found clarity at Sheila's 'FOCUS & ELEVATION' Program." 

game changing information & Elevation

"One of the most powerful days of my life! The experience was a game changer for me."

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Balance Brings Enthusiasm!!!!

About the Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative

Where there is balance , there is health, wellness, and productivity.


We know that balance is easier to achieve when you have exceptional tools available to you. The Rebalancing America  initiative was founded on three core principles: 1) Given the appropriate resources and support individuals and groups can be empowered to elevate the way they think, feel, and live. 2) Personal accountability for staying well is no longer an option- it's a mandate due to shrinking healthcare resources  and  increased social isolation. 3)  More balanced individuals and groups mean a more balanced and productive world for all of us to enjoy.

RAPDU Rebalancing America Professional Development University


Balanced and productive employees translate into a healthy bottom line and work environment. If you want to know the value of customer service, conflict/ resolution, communication, leadership development , self-assessment, and team building skills, ask a company that has gone out of business. RAPDU courses feature accountability, and implementation as keys to healthy workplace functioning. The programs feature learning modules designed to stay with the learner. LEARN MORE  about the programs. Review TESTIMONIALS.

The IGLUE Project: Internal Groups Lifting Up their Environment


According to the top healthcare research firms,  health and mental health costs have outrun existing resources. The IGLUE Project provides health, wellness, and rebalancing education services to schools, universities, veterans populations, teens, commnity organizations, and more through the Robinson-Kiss Global Foundation, a 501c3. The goal  of the IGLUE programs is to educate individuals, groups , and organizations on a self-health model of emotional well-being, in light of the dynamic changes currently taking place in the healthcare industry. 

Books by sheila that inspire elevation


Journey Through the Pages of These Inspirational Titles Found on Amazon:

They're Not Coming; Waiting for Rescue on the Roadside of Life

The Stepping Off Point; The Power of Creating A Healing Exit

Stamina; A Relationship Book That's Not About Relationships At All

Joy Shows  Up ; Seven Powerful Ways to Transform Your Life By Simply Showing Up

Getting Over It In Milwaukee;  A Trip Through the Ex-Files: Coming Back Better, Stronger, and Smarter After Your Divorce of Break-Up


Take a sneak peek at 'Joy Shows up' Chapter 1

The tools of balance

Rebalancing America Corporate and Group Retreats


Epic rebalancing adventures featuring beautiful venues creates the ideal environment to hit the reset button and renew mind, body and spirit. HAVE A LOOK.  

Youtube Help Channel: 700,000+ views 11,300+ Subscribed


From dealing with work related stress to liberation from anxiety and depression, the LIFT channel provides high quality education and insights to keep up inspired and productive. 

America's App of Inspiration Motivation on the Go!


Simply text: LiveLifted to 63975, download and open the app, and save to the home screen on your cell phone! Receive inspirational stories, advice, and pep talks throughout the week.

More about the rab initiative


For over 20 years Sheila Robinson-Kiss Msw, Lcsw, a licensed mental health practitioner, has dedicated her life to sharing the tools of balance and inspiration with others. The Rebalancing America Initiative is an extension of this vital work. 


From major corporations to private rebalancing parties, the TESTIMONIALS speak for themselves. The Rebalancing America Initiative transforms lives. 


Join over 70 progressive organizations in a winning alliance. Provide the tools of balance for your group or corporate team. Stay up to date and receive special program bonus offerings throughout the year. Receive affiliate rates on staff development and retreats. ENROLL HERE. 

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