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MSNBC's 'Know Your value' series

Check out this great clip!

Sheila Robinson-Kiss, leading mental health and  well-being expert, featured at  MSNBCs Know  Your Value Event with Mika Brezezinski.  Knowing  your value from the inside out is  the key ingredient to sustained well-being, daily functioning, and walking in balance. 

"It's time we all realized that if we don't take control of our mental and physical health, the winds of life will blow us anywhere." -Sheila







The $300 Billion Price Tag of Stress

 Imbalanced communities and employees cost American over $300 billion per year. Often when people call in sick they are battling the devastating effects of anxiety and depression- simply unable to function effectively at work and in life. Workplace stress impacts the bottom line of companies because team members cannot operate at maximum productivity levels without access to stress-busting tools to overcome these challenges. 

The Lift 24 Hour support channel

Find 24 hour mental health and wellness support on the LIFT You Tube  help channel. Take daily walks with Sheila and enjoy high-quality mental health and wellness information that makes an immediate impact on your life.  

Transformational Programs

"I found clarity at Sheila's 'FOCUS & ELEVATION' Program." 

game changing information & Elevation

"One of the most powerful days of my life! The experience was a game changer for me."

We Loved Her!!!!!

Balance Brings Enthusiasm!!!!

Books by sheila that inspire elevation


Journey Through the Pages of These Inspirational Titles Found on Amazon:

They're Not Coming; Waiting for Rescue on the Roadside of Life

The Stepping Off Point; The Power of Creating A Healing Exit

Stamina; A Relationship Book That's Not About Relationships At All

Joy Shows  Up ; Seven Powerful Ways to Transform Your Life By Simply Showing Up

Getting Over It In Milwaukee;  A Trip Through the Ex-Files: Coming Back Better, Stronger, and Smarter After Your Divorce of Break-Up


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