Rebalancing America and Beyond is a national platform focused on providing exceptional health and wellness education and building, resiliency, accountability, and balance, within individuals, groups, and organizations, through online programs, live events, and conferences.


About Sheila Robinson-Kiss, Msw, Lcsw

The $300 Billion Price Tag of Stress

 Imbalanced communities and employees cost American over $300 billion per year. Often when people call in sick they are battling the devastating effects of anxiety and depression- simply unable to function effectively at work and in life. Workplace stress impacts the bottom line of companies because team members cannot operate at maximum productivity levels without access to stress-busting tools to overcome these challenges. 


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About the Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative

Where there is balance , there is health, wellness, and productivity.


We know that balance is easier to achieve when you have exceptional tools available to you. The Rebalancing America  initiative was founded on three core principles: 1) Given the appropriate resources and support individuals and groups can be empowered to elevate the way they think, feel, and live. 2) Personal accountability for staying well is no longer an option- it's a mandate due to shrinking healthcare resources  and  increased social isolation. 3)  More balanced individuals and groups mean a more balanced and productive world for all of us to enjoy.

Books by sheila that inspire elevation


Journey Through the Pages of These Inspirational Titles Found on Amazon:

They're Not Coming; Waiting for Rescue on the Roadside of Life

The Stepping Off Point; The Power of Creating A Healing Exit

Stamina; A Relationship Book That's Not About Relationships At All

Joy Shows  Up ; Seven Powerful Ways to Transform Your Life By Simply Showing Up

Getting Over It In Milwaukee;  A Trip Through the Ex-Files: Coming Back Better, Stronger, and Smarter After Your Divorce of Break-Up


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 Sheila Robinson-Kiss Msw, Lcsw,  a licensed mental health practitioner, has dedicated her life to sharing the tools of balance and inspiration with others. The Rebalancing America Initiative is an extension of this vital work. 


From major corporations to private rebalancing parties, the TESTIMONIALS speak for themselves. The Rebalancing America Initiative transforms lives. 


Join over 70 progressive organizations in a winning alliance. Provide the tools of balance for your group or corporate team. Stay up to date and receive special program bonus offerings throughout the year. Receive affiliate rates on staff development and retreats. ENROLL HERE. 

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Rebalancing America and Beyond

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Sheila robinson-kiss, Msw, lcsw


An award-winning orator and the author of five books, Sheila Robinson-Kiss, is a social entrepreneur focused on advancing health and wellness initiatives on a grass roots, national, and global scale. As a result of her commitment and success as a licensed health and wellness practitioner, innovator, programming consultant and transformational retreat leader, she was named a Leading Woman Entrepreneur for the State of New Jersey in 2017. Mrs. Robinson-Kiss is a featured life transformation expert and podcaster on the iHeart, Youtube, and Spreaker Platforms, and was honored at the Clinton Presidential Center in Arkansas with a World Woman Summit Keynote in 2017. As a consultant and program development expert with over 20 years of experience, through the use of modern resources, she has launched live and online, platform training programs that have reached over 600,000 individuals. She has earned distinction in the field of program design/development across multiple service industries. She partners with over 80 state and private agencies including American 

Family Insurance, The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Ramapo College, The Boys and 

Girls Clubs of America, Wells Fargo Advisors, New Jersey Department of Families, Child Care Connections and more, to deliver impactful training programs that promote life productivity and balance. 

Sheila Robinson-Kiss is the voice urging world communities to take responsibility for how you live, work, and feel. Sheila Robinson-Kiss is regarded as a Super Provider and Educatorin the health and wellness industry. Sheila is on a mission to give people the tools to adapt to the fast-paced, distraction filled climate we live in and heal every aspect of their lives. 

Mrs. Robinson-Kiss taps into the soul and psyche of her audiences by creating a longlasting memorable experience, while delivering fun, uplifting, interactive, programs, filled with well-researched, practical strategies that are necessary to sustain a balance for your daily high performance.