leaders flourish

There is a reason– CEO’s, managers, small business owners, and leaders spent 1.5 billion dollars on executive coaching last year. Executive coaching boosts the bottom line and up-levels performance across multiple work/life areas. 

Five ways executive coaching benefits you as a leader:

1. Enhanced levels of motivation 

2. Boost in cognition and behavior at work

3. Sharper leadership skills

4. Greater confidence in self-awareness and self- regulation

5. More comfort in leading with empathy and compassion

Leaders need consistent and reliable support in order to lead balanced and effective teams, as well as manage the inevitable interpersonal and work challenges that arise. 

With 24 years of experience Sheila Robinson-Kiss, supports executive leaders using a unique blend of spirituality, cognitive- behavioral techniques, and grounding work, to empower leaders to flourish in their roles.  

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